The Stream Doesn't
Run Through It


View video to hear Richard Parrick describe the origins of FinFixx and his passion for
the environment and fisheries

As a kid growing up in Silver Lake, WA, FinFixx founder Richard Parrick's favorite fishing hole was a stream just a short bike ride from home.

Every day, Richard would cross this stream on his bike ride to Silver Lake Elementary school. Frequently, he stashed his fishing gear in an old growth cedar stump along the way so that he could easily fish after classes.

Over the years Richard grew to love this stream. It became a buddy, a reliable friend.

He got to know not only every bend, eddy and pool that held fish, but also the type of fish, the size of fish and the season they could be found. From trout and spawning salmon, to crappy and crawfish, Richard knew them all, intimately.

As with all little boys (and girls), life typically moves on. Richard moved away from Silver Lake, trading steams for beaches on Whidbey Island. Along the way, Richard met his wife Jennifer and they had children, Jordan and Lexi.

College, day jobs and raising children meant that it had been a long time since Richard had visited the stream that was his childhood bestie.

So one day, not too long ago, Richard drove to Silver Lake to show Jordan and Lexi his favorite fishing stream. 

Much to his grief he found that the once flowing, glittering, bubbling idyllic stream had been reduced to an overgrown, dark, trash filled trickle. 

Gone were the pools, gone were the eddies. And gone were the trout, crawdads and spawning salmon, too. 

And in this moment Richard decided that if he had a chance he would build a company that not only would make money, but would give him a platform for helping to save and restore streams, just like the one he'd lost to time and development. 


About the Author
Russell Sparkman, CEO and co-founder of FusionSpark Media, is a contributing member of the FinFixx team in the areas of branding, digital marketing and content strategy. A credentialed Coast Guard Captain and professional photographer since age 25, Russell especially enjoys opportunities to combine his expertise in marketing, photography, video production, boating and fishing.