Kokanee Fishing Means Friends and Fun

Kokanee Fishing means "Friends and Fun"

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Ok, so the real meaning of kokanee may not really be "friends and fun." But as far as fisheries go, it might as well be.

Before I go further, here's the real definition of what a kokanee is:

The kokanee salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) is a landlocked sockeye salmon. They are non-anadromous, which means they don't migrate to the sea and back for spawning like the more widely known salmon. Kokanee are primarily found in the northwestern states and provinces of the United States and Canada.

With that out of the way, what does kokanee have to do with "friends and fun?"

Well, to find out, FinFixx founders Richard and Jennifer Parrick and I headed to Lake Chelan, Washington, to spend a day of kokanee fishing with Brad Wagner of Bobber Down Guide Services.

Meeting us at the dock was Jared McGuffin, the winemaker at Benson Vineyards Estate Winery, and Amber, Customer Experience Host, at Bensons.

The five of us headed out and trolled for a bit, chatting, getting to know one another, unimpeded by fish. That didn't last long, though, and before we knew it, we were catching kokanee (and this was in May, in the early part of the season, when they weren't as numerous or as hungry as they are in June).



And here's what I discovered:

A day of kokanee fishing is a perfect way to hang out and have a good time with a group of friends, no matter their level of interest or experience with fishing.

For starters, kokanee are in good numbers in a lake such as Lake Chelan. While getting skunked is always a possibility when fishing, it's unlikely when kokanee fishing with an experienced guide such as Brad.

Secondly, kokanee are small in stature, but big in flavor. With a big one coming in just over 12" or slightly larger, they're not only an easy fish to reel in, but they are great on the grill (or in the skillet or oven).

And finally, particularly with a boat such as Brad's customized 24'  Wooldridge boat, there's plenty of room to just hang back and watch the action, or to grab the rod and reel once a fish is on the line, whatever your heart desires.  

And a final thought ... 

If you're reading this in June, be sure to give Brad a call and book a Lake Chelan kokanee fishing trip, because they are probably biting!

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Russell Sparkman, CEO and co-founder of FusionSpark Media, is a contributing member of the FinFixx team in the areas of branding, digital marketing and content strategy. A credentialed Coast Guard Captain and professional photographer since age 25, Russell especially enjoys opportunities to combine his expertise in marketing, photography, video production, boating and fishing.